1. What would you do with a great, big threatening button that should never ever be pressed?
Consider the situation, see what action works best for the situation, and then press the button ( usually the situation warrants it ;-) ).

2. What does the word "IF" Stand for?
Infinite Facets, as in infinite facets of life--the more you look, the more you see

3. If you were confronted by a Dalek in a dark alley what would you do?
Confuse it thoroughly, dodge its attack, and either dash up a flight of stairs or jump onto its back so it fires on any other Daleks while trying to attack me.

4. If your Time-Lord host was trapped, unconscious, under a huge pile of rubble, his/her TARDIS was completely unaccessable and there was nobody around, what would you do? (If your character IS a Time-Lord, answer the question as if it were your companion that was trapped).

I would clear the rubble as quickly as possible and gently remove my companion from the rubble. Then I would carry her/him to a safer area, and gently wake the companion while tending to any wounds.


(Pick which house you think your character belongs - this has no bearing on which house your character will be placed.)

1. PRYDONIAN - Brave, intelligent and psychic
This is the House I was born into, and I suppose I am brave and intelligent. Also, as far as psychic, I do get flashes of what will happen to people in the future.

2. ARCALES - Creative, intuitive and powerful
This could be correct also. I tend to be creative and intuitive, sometimes at the same time ;-). Powerful? I suppose I can be at times, but usually I'm just me.

3. PATREXIES - Brave, Athletic and charismatic
I suppose I could be considered brave, but I only do what I have to, when I have to. I'm fairly athletic, and apparently more than a little charismatic in this body ;-)

4. OUTWORLDER - Prove you are not useless.
I'm very good at slipping in unnoticed, sleight of hand, and motorcycle riding. I'm not bad at temporal engineering either.

Finally, offer the members of the group a bribe so they will not SQUIB you.
Jelly Babies for all! (and kisses for the ladies if they like ;-))
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The planet Vundar

*The Doctor Exits the TARDIS, and waits for Blake to follow*

Yes, it's quite safe, Blake. As I said, brave heart, Tegan.

*The planet is lush, green and welcoming. It appears the TARDIS has materialized in a verdant forest, ancient and sturdy*

*Waiting for Blake, the Doctor pulls a small black box out of his pocket, pulls out the antenna and pushes a button* sign of High technology nearby.

*Pokes his head inside the TARDIS*

Blake, are you coming?
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Professor W is Lost in Time.

I think I made a wrong turn at Draconia. I need directions to get back to Earth. Please advise. I managed to rescue some Sillurians and Sea Devils I have settled them on Aquatica an Aquatic World in Draconian Space.

Earth and Draconia have been warned of the New Daleks and New Cybermen, they are afraid and while they were afraid I managed to acquire some of their beer and ale. My Cyber-Netic Cat Feeline is pissed about something.

Hey I just saw some nut fire past me in a police box Dear 4th 6th and 10th Doctors, fix that damned Chamleon Circuit you know mine works.

Professor W is the Man with the Plan.

Hey I don't have a problem with these Dalek nuts they are just pure sociopaths easily managable. I don't like the Cybermen, they suck. They are brutal humanoid killers who unlike the Daleks choose to kill. The Daleks are constructed sociopaths they kill because Terry Malloy designed them that way!

Now anyway it is the Fourth Doctor's fault he had his chance to rid the universe of the Daleks, Imperial, Renegade, Yellow Apocalypse, but he did not. Romana and K-9 are dead well it serves him right. Next time you are told to do a job just do it. You think the 5th or 10th Doctors would hesitate, no way.

Anyway this is my mother's TARDIS I have she left it for me. My mother was a dying Time Lord woman who possessed my human mother's body in a symbiotic state and gave birth to me, a Human Time Lord hybrid. I did not regenerate until I was 575 years old because I had a regernative disorder that would not kick in unless I was killed now I have 12 Regenerations and uhhhh a spare I don't remmeber because after I regenerated I found out something so scary that I blanked my mind, Fee-Line's Mind, K-9 Mark VII's mind and then I went out to find the hottie companions of the Doctor and ask them if the Doctor is asexual!

I am a Time Lord who is definately not asexual I like to get it on with human women, Time Lord women who are left, I need more beer. I like the design of the Doctor's TARDIS now it looks cool. My TARDIS looks like it was designed by a Time Lord who watched too much Star Trek, Star Wars and Red Dwarf.

The Time-War

*Voice of the 4th Doctor - transmitting throughout Time and Space*

I have just learned of the Time War.

Romana and K-9 are dead. Gallifrey...destroyed.

Message, for now...ends.

Daleks on The Doctor's tail...

*Just as the TARDIS de-materializes and surges off into the Time-Space Vortex, the last remaining battle fleet of Daleks - remnants of the great Dalek fleet of the Time-War - materialize in rassilons_realm*




*Dalek soldier to Dalek commander*


*Dalek commander to Dalek soldier*


*Dalek soldier to Dalek commander*

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The Adventure Begins...

*The Doctor rounds the TARDIS console, flips a switch and the doors close behind Blake*

Now, where to start? Indeed.

*To Blake*

Shhhhh....I'm trying to think. Rose has disappeared from all Time and Space and I have no idea where to find her. E-space? *shudders* I shouldn't think she should be there. And I don't have the correct time-space element to operate in E-space, anyway.

Well, let's just set the TARDIS for random coordinates and see what we can find. How does that sound, Blake?

Yes, yes, yes. I'm so glad you agree.

*Fumbles with the controls for a second and the TARDIS begins to materialize*

*Eyes the TARDIS monitor - apparently he can decypher the electronic gibberish that appears on it*

Ah yes. The planet Vundar in the Gandofar galaxy. Third age. Brilliant! *Jams controls on hard & the TARDIS lurches in the vortex*

We're going in for a landing, Blake. Hold on!
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Have you seen Rose?

Has anybody seen Rose? She seems to have dropped out of all Time and Space. Where could she be? The TARDIS can't even pick her up.

She must be in terrible Danger...I must find her.
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