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The Adventure Begins...

*The Doctor rounds the TARDIS console, flips a switch and the doors close behind Blake*

Now, where to start? Indeed.

*To Blake*

Shhhhh....I'm trying to think. Rose has disappeared from all Time and Space and I have no idea where to find her. E-space? *shudders* I shouldn't think she should be there. And I don't have the correct time-space element to operate in E-space, anyway.

Well, let's just set the TARDIS for random coordinates and see what we can find. How does that sound, Blake?

Yes, yes, yes. I'm so glad you agree.

*Fumbles with the controls for a second and the TARDIS begins to materialize*

*Eyes the TARDIS monitor - apparently he can decypher the electronic gibberish that appears on it*

Ah yes. The planet Vundar in the Gandofar galaxy. Third age. Brilliant! *Jams controls on hard & the TARDIS lurches in the vortex*

We're going in for a landing, Blake. Hold on!
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