Kevin W (professorw) wrote in rassilons_realm,
Kevin W

Professor W is the Man with the Plan.

Hey I don't have a problem with these Dalek nuts they are just pure sociopaths easily managable. I don't like the Cybermen, they suck. They are brutal humanoid killers who unlike the Daleks choose to kill. The Daleks are constructed sociopaths they kill because Terry Malloy designed them that way!

Now anyway it is the Fourth Doctor's fault he had his chance to rid the universe of the Daleks, Imperial, Renegade, Yellow Apocalypse, but he did not. Romana and K-9 are dead well it serves him right. Next time you are told to do a job just do it. You think the 5th or 10th Doctors would hesitate, no way.

Anyway this is my mother's TARDIS I have she left it for me. My mother was a dying Time Lord woman who possessed my human mother's body in a symbiotic state and gave birth to me, a Human Time Lord hybrid. I did not regenerate until I was 575 years old because I had a regernative disorder that would not kick in unless I was killed now I have 12 Regenerations and uhhhh a spare I don't remmeber because after I regenerated I found out something so scary that I blanked my mind, Fee-Line's Mind, K-9 Mark VII's mind and then I went out to find the hottie companions of the Doctor and ask them if the Doctor is asexual!

I am a Time Lord who is definately not asexual I like to get it on with human women, Time Lord women who are left, I need more beer. I like the design of the Doctor's TARDIS now it looks cool. My TARDIS looks like it was designed by a Time Lord who watched too much Star Trek, Star Wars and Red Dwarf.
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