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Rose's Application

1. What would you do with a great, big threatening button that should never ever be pressed?

Well, if it happened to be aboard the Sycorax spacecraft, I'd press it.  I know it was controlling all the A-positive blood types on Earth.

2. What does the word "IF" Stand for?

Um, that's a hard one.  I think I should ask the Doctor to explain that to me.

3. If you were confronted by a Dalek in a dark alley what would you do?


4. If your Time-Lord host was trapped, unconscious, under a huge pile of rubble, his/her TARDIS was completely unaccessable and there was nobody around, what would you do? (If your character IS a Time-Lord, answer the question as if it were your companion that was trapped).

I would try to move the rubble and I would try to wake the Doctor up or help him the best way I could.


(Pick which house you think your character belongs - this has no bearing on which house your character will be placed.)

1. PYDONIAN - Brave, intelligent and psychic

Well, I think I'm pretty smart.  And brave when it counts, but I'm not sure I'm psychic.  I don't really see things before they happen and I can't move things with my mind or use telepathy or anything.

2. ARCALES - Creative, intuitive and powerful

I dunno.  I don't think I belong in Arcales.

3. PATREXIES - Brave, Athletic and charismatic

As I said, I'm pretty brave when it counts, and I did do very well in gymnastics so I think I'm ok in athleticism.  As far as charisma, I do tend to attract a lot of guys.

4. OUTWORLDER - Prove you are not useless.

Well, I know I'm not useless.  You can ask the Doctor about that.

Finally, offer the members of the group a bribe so they will not SQUIB you.

I don't really have that much to offer for a bribe.  I suppose I can really only offer my services - and don't be pervy.
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