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1. What would you do with a great, big threatening button that should never ever be pressed?
Consider the situation, see what action works best for the situation, and then press the button ( usually the situation warrants it ;-) ).

2. What does the word "IF" Stand for?
Infinite Facets, as in infinite facets of life--the more you look, the more you see

3. If you were confronted by a Dalek in a dark alley what would you do?
Confuse it thoroughly, dodge its attack, and either dash up a flight of stairs or jump onto its back so it fires on any other Daleks while trying to attack me.

4. If your Time-Lord host was trapped, unconscious, under a huge pile of rubble, his/her TARDIS was completely unaccessable and there was nobody around, what would you do? (If your character IS a Time-Lord, answer the question as if it were your companion that was trapped).

I would clear the rubble as quickly as possible and gently remove my companion from the rubble. Then I would carry her/him to a safer area, and gently wake the companion while tending to any wounds.


(Pick which house you think your character belongs - this has no bearing on which house your character will be placed.)

1. PRYDONIAN - Brave, intelligent and psychic
This is the House I was born into, and I suppose I am brave and intelligent. Also, as far as psychic, I do get flashes of what will happen to people in the future.

2. ARCALES - Creative, intuitive and powerful
This could be correct also. I tend to be creative and intuitive, sometimes at the same time ;-). Powerful? I suppose I can be at times, but usually I'm just me.

3. PATREXIES - Brave, Athletic and charismatic
I suppose I could be considered brave, but I only do what I have to, when I have to. I'm fairly athletic, and apparently more than a little charismatic in this body ;-)

4. OUTWORLDER - Prove you are not useless.
I'm very good at slipping in unnoticed, sleight of hand, and motorcycle riding. I'm not bad at temporal engineering either.

Finally, offer the members of the group a bribe so they will not SQUIB you.
Jelly Babies for all! (and kisses for the ladies if they like ;-))
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